EULYN 10At Galawater we are firm believers that first and foremost our Pedigree Herd must be made up of sound, commercial cows that are capable of giving birth unaided, be able to retain their condition on grazed grass for as much of the year as possible and wean a calf that is a large percentage of their own bodyweight every year. As a result we aim to breed long, deep bodied, fleshy cattle, with balanced EBV’s. We have steered away from trying to breed cattle that are excessively tall, lean or extremely muscular and tight bellied. We have also concentrated on breeding for fairly high Milk EBV’s and our herd average for this trait is worth note.

At the moment we have many foundation families but the best performers are beginning to make themselves apparent. Below are details of some of our favourite females, both of our own and embryo donors - click on links to view.



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